For the love of Sri Lanka


Hidden Sri Lanka

Key Discovery

Hidden Sri Lanka is a new brand which is about to be launched in Sri Lanka which let's its customers create memories using some of the most unique and curated travel experiences in Sri Lanka. MadZoo helped them to create their website as well as their "For the love of Sri Lanka" pre launch campaign.


- Website
- Social
- Creative

Transform your holiday – Explore off-beat pathways and unique Sri Lankan excursions with Hidden Sri Lanka. Discover the hidden beauty of this paradise island as well as its culture, away from the well-trodden tourist trails.

Hidden Sri Lanka curate experiences especially designed to provide their customers with ‘beyond ordinary and rare insights’ to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka with a twist. All their packages include a secret hidden game that you can enjoy while on the vacation and end up with gifts.

Behavioral Planning

With the pandemic Sri Lanka's tourism industry collapsed and brands had a difficult time carrying out marketing campaigns.

For Hidden Sri Lanka created a digital first brand strategy, changed the way experiences are promoted, and focused on their unique goals to build brand awareness.